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Launching alongside “The Last Ecstatic Days,” the Community Deathcare Network (CDN) is an innovative end-of-life literacy and community platform. Our death-denying society often avoids discussions about mortality until crises arise, often too late for creating a meaningful experience for the dying and their community. The Network provides crucial support, breaking the cycle of late-stage preparations, stigma and expensive medicalized trauma. 

CDN aims to revive the reflective and communal aspects of death, countering its current state as a costly and solitary medical event. Led by community end of life experts, CDN equips hospice providers, medical professionals, caregivers, and individuals supporting their loved ones with their own end-of-life journeys in a meaningful way. Moreover, CDN members gain access to death-positive education experiences, expressive art therapy and immersive engagement opportunities that can help support the belief that dying can be an experience of peace, love and belonging.

Help us expand our roots!


We are kickstarting the launch of CDN with sliding-scale screenings of “The Last Ecstatic Days” this summer: community screenings of community deathcare. From there we will be training facilitators worldwide on topics like advanced care planning, trauma-informed care, bedside end-of-life education, ritual creation and specialized support for diverse communities. 

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