At the height of the pandemic a young man named Ethan "E3" Sisser sat alone in his hospital room. Afflicted with brain cancer, Ethan begins live-streaming his death journey on social media. Around the globe thousands of people celebrate Ethan’s courage, but he envisions more – to make a transformational movie about embracing grief and finding acceptance at the end of your life. 


Having never met Ethan before, but wanting to realize Ethan's last wish, a team of death workers transports him to a quiet house in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. What unfolds in Ethan’s final weeks is an intimate story that has never been told in a film before: how a community can come together to help a dying stranger find healing through release. A sensory immersion into the experience of leaving the body, “The Last Ecstatic Days” captures the journey of a man who will not let us forget him – even after he’s taken his final breath.

Aditi Sethi Ethan Sisser.png