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Article: "What a New Film Tells Us About Dealing With Death" by Smita Nair

The Overlook Podcast: Ep. 4 - Living with Dying | Aditi Sethi and Hannah Fowler

Overlook with Matt Peiken Hannah Fowler and Aditi Sethi.jpeg

Reimagine Event: The Last Ecstatic Days: A Conversation About Community Care feat. Aditi Sethi and Hannah Fowler


Best Life Best Death Podcast: #38 Hannah Fowler - Conscious Dying Feature Film: The Last Ecstatic Days

  • Learn more about why Ethan chose to film himself at the end of his life, how he found community through social media and in his community, and what you can take with you from one man's approach to his own death. - May 25th, 2022


Ram Dass Foundation: Women's Satsang: Living & Dying With Care With Aditi Sethi

  • Aditi Sethi, MD, end of life doula from “The Last Ecstatic Days,” joins the Ram Dass Women’s Satsang to explore “letting go” and death in all its forms with awareness and presence! - March 20th, 2022


Conscious Dying Institute: Hannah Fowler, Impact Producer, facilitates nation-wide grief ritual through the Conscious Dying Institute - December 11th, 2021

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End of Life Doula Hannah Fowler: What is an end of life doula?Seasons of Life Podcast
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The End of Life Podcast: Ep. 377 Center for Conscious Living and Dying: An End-of-Life Care Home with Aditi Sethi, MD

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TruthSeekah Podcast: Psychedelics and A Stage 4 Brain Tumor

  • Ethan Sisser joins The TruthSeekah Podcast to talk about the death/rebirth portal, spiritual awakening and how spirituality is helping Ethan navigate through one of his toughest battles.

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