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Executive Director, CINE FE

The Last Ecstatic Days is unlike anything I’ve seen. Gentle but raw, unsparing but filled with grace, the film bears witness to the final human experience and invites us to imagine what a more human, thoughtful, and holistic approach to death might be - and to lovingly imagine our own.”


The Last Ecstatic Days is a remarkable portrait of dying that provides a glimmering vision of warm-hearted people helping a young man named Ethan cross the line between time and eternity. Throughout the film, Ethan recites his mantra: ‘I am embodied, I am empowered, I am ecstatic.’ As the credits rolled, I felt the same.”


“I was fortunate enough to see an early version of The Last Ecstatic Days at our Centre for Death and Society Conference and was blown away. It is a powerful, life-affirming documentary: sad, witty, and deeply moving all at once.”

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