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"...courageous end-of-life chronicle, which overflows with compassion and shows us how to live mindfully while embracing curiosity about what lies beyond."


Buddhist Teacher & Founder,
Unaya Zen Center 

“This film blew me away. You just can't help but love Ethan the moment he opens his TikTok and invites you into his life. What was so powerful was that it's not the Dalai Lama or Ram Dass. When someone like Ethan opens up so deeply, I realize I can do that too. Ethan became a teacher for me. I hope everyone will see this extraordinary film."


"The Last Ecstatic Days inspires conversation about the relationship between culture, death, ritual, and care, and it asks us to wonder – Can death be an experience of community and connection? Can it be filled with beauty? Can we really change what we might expect at the end of life? This film left me filled with hope and a sense of deep, abiding beauty. Everyone should watch it." 


The Last Ecstatic Days brings you so close to the bedside of a dying man that you can forget you are watching a film. It offers access to an intense, fundamental human experience that American society too often buries in medical systems not designed to help people generate meaning in their final days on earth. The community that forms around the wishes of a dying man is The Last Ecstatic Days’ most powerful outcome — it helps us reimagine how we might meet the ends of our lives.” 


While Ethan's body is disappearing, his heart is growing stronger.  He fills it full of love and lets us watch him die. This is the story not only to be told, but to be held, of an angel of light upon our planet.


“As no other film, The Last Ecstatic Days addresses the frightening, wondrous and unspeakable: the transition of us all between divinities - our life and the mystery beyond. Among its revelations is that death is the greatest adventure. Dazzling, sacred, we enter the realm of infinite grace. It shows us a more noble way of dying, the gentle songs of friends, the touching, the honoring of those who have no voice. May the teachings of The Last Ecstatic Days allow us to be more civilized and loving, so no one dies alone and forgotten”

Executive Director, CINE FE

Grammy-Award Winning Musician

"To participate in such a raw and true instance of reckoning with mortality reminds us that this process can be beautiful, communal, and ceremonial."

The Last Ecstatic Days is unlike anything I’ve seen. Gentle but raw, unsparing but filled with grace, the film bears witness to the final human experience and invites us to imagine what a more human, thoughtful, and holistic approach to death might be - and to lovingly imagine our own.”




The Last Ecstatic Days is a remarkable portrait of dying that provides a glimmering vision of warm-hearted people helping a young man named Ethan cross the line between time and eternity. Throughout the film, Ethan recites his mantra: ‘I am embodied, I am empowered, I am ecstatic.’ As the credits rolled, I felt the same.”

“I was fortunate enough to see an early version of The Last Ecstatic Days at our Centre for Death and Society Conference and was blown away. It is a powerful, life-affirming documentary: sad, witty, and deeply moving all at once.”

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