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“Galvanizing a mass movement towards living consciously and
dying in community.”


The Last Ecstatic Days Impact Campaign vision is to make the act of dying a loving and communal experience again. As humankind has made incredible strides in prolonging life, we have increasingly forgotten that death is a part of life and should be embraced alongside all of life’s stages. What was once an everyday relational and life-affirming experience has now become an expensive, and often lonely and isolating medical event. For millennia, death took place in community and was embraced as a natural, relational, and nonmedical part of life – an experience deserving of dignity, meaning, and intention.

Community deathcare matters because the end-of-life system in America is not designed to allow creative control over the dying process. Death-averse American society does not prepare people to plan how they wish to die, or even understand the full spectrum of what death can be.

We believe everyone deserves the same opportunity to receive an intentional and personalized approach to care. Through the film's outreach, we are here to give more and more people the opportunity to learn, get involved and begin to create a change in systems of end-of-life care.

Learn: An informational impact campaign through the film and mission-aligned organizations would spread the word simultaneously.

Get Involved: Death doula training would make people available and ready in communities to assist dying people.

Build: A coalition to look at the regulatory environment in ways that these systems prevent us from living the most meaningful and joyful life.

We invite you to be part of this journey by supporting our impact campaign. 

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