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Most Americans are afraid of death. We have become so detached from the process that many fear even talking about it. What was once a contemplative and spiritual experience is now often an expensive and isolating medical event.   

Hospitals are important places for healing, but are they ideal places to die? In our death-denying culture, people often approach conversations about mortality only in times of acute need, often too late for creating an experience that reflects and honors their wishes. Even more critically, many have no access to resources that would help them prepare for and move through this stage of life. 

By demonstrating how dying can be an experience of peace, love and belonging, The Last Ecstatic Days documentary film illustrates the power of conscious choices around the end of life. 

The Last Ecstatic Days was filmed to inspire audiences with a vision of what is possible when death is embraced with preparation and intention. It tells the story of one man’s determination to live every moment as fully as possible, and to die surrounded by love.

This film’s impact campaign will galvanize a mass movement towards living consciously and dying in community.

Building Communities

  • Launch the Community Deathcare Network, a global hub for death literacy and support.

  • Research the interconnectedness between community deathcare and grief management 

  • Partner with organizations like Omega Homes, death doulas, psychedelic practitioners, trauma-informed guides, therapists, mindfulness coaches, and yoga teachers to amplify the film’s messaging

Changing Minds

  • Facilitate virtual and in-person workshops around death preparation, grief recovery, trauma-informed care, specialized end-of-life support, LGBTQIA+ education, children’s grief, and pet loss support

  • Design and distribute the film discussion guide for individual and institutional use

  • Host community-supported grief concerts and events

  • Host Institute for Psychedelics & Death events

Changing Behaviors & Structures

  • Collaborate with educational and healthcare institutions to integrate conscious dying resources and community deathcare practices into medical, gerontological, palliative care and hospice training programs

  • Work with wellness and lifestyle brands to bring conscious deathcare more into the mainstream  

  • Mark Deathcare Awareness Day on April 2nd, honoring Ethan Sisser’s legacy and promoting awareness of community end-of-life care

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Outreach Partners

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