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Brit Fleck


Brit Fleck is a gerontologist, birth & death care worker, activist, public health practitioner, and artist. She is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health at Yale University with focuses on community centered death care, health equity, and reproductive justice. She joins our team as a researcher and designer pioneering the development of the Community Deathcare Network (more details soon!) She holds a B.S in Human Development & Aging from The University of Southern California School of Gerontology and a minor in Cinema-TV for Health Professions. In past lives, she has built products for seniors using human-centered design, helped scale a behavior change program, taught yoga at nursing homes, supported womxn in home births, helped people 'end well' in hospice, and has had the privilege of bearing witness to many people’s stories of love, loss, and awe. She believes that having an intimate relationship with death makes her more appreciative of life. 

Community Deathcare Fellow

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