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Reimagine end of life care from a solitary medical event to a communal healing journey. 

What was once a contemplative, dignified and relational experience is now often an expensive and isolating medical event. Imagine if individuals and communities, the major participants in end-of-life care, had the skills, resources and community care they needed to provide the support they are expected to deliver for their loved ones? We want that for every human being. 


Beyond our initiative screening and training launch, members enlisted in our Community Deathcare Network will have the opportunity to attend death-positive workshops and participate in engagement opportunities such as bedside end-of-life education, expressive arts therapy programming, psychedelic grief work, integration retreats, and rituals that support community centered deathcare and grieving. We will champion and popularize April 2nd as Deathcare Awareness Day in honor of Ethan Sisser’s death anniversary. 

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