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Aditi Sethi, MD

She inspired an entire community of strangers to care for Ethan Sisser in his final days. From being Ethan’s hospice doctor, she became his death doula. His friend. 

Meet Aditi Sethi. Featured in The Last Ecstatic Days, Aditi is an emerging and important voice for shifting our culture’s understanding and approach to dying, death, and bereavement care.

In caring for Ethan, Aditi recognized the need for returning to dying in community. She founded the Center for Conscious Living and Dying (CCLD) in Asheville, North Carolina to promote community supported end-of-life care.


Aditi is also a celebrated musician in Asheville. As a child, under the guidance of her parents (Kapil and Ranjit Sethi) and grandparents from India, Aditi studied devotional music from the Sikh and Hindu traditions. An extension of her music pursuits is playing music with her husband, Jay Brown, a musician and hospice music therapist. 


Aditi and Jay recently formed a group called The Appalucians, with Angie Heimann and Cas Sochaki. The Appalucians play music from the mountains of Western North Carolina, featuring spirited songwriting, tight harmonies, and a lovely layered interplay between dobro, guitars, harp, bass, and banjo. Aditi and Jay are the parents of three amazing children.


In 2023, Aditi & Jay collaborated with other Asheville musicians to perform at The Grief Happening -  a music concert that invited listeners to attend to their loss and grief.

“Death doesn’t need to be lonely.”

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